Welcome to Our School’s E-Library.

We would like to encourage our students to keep reading books, while the school is closed because of the COVID Pandemic.

This page contains web links to a range of books from Classics to Contemporary for Pre-K to Class 10 along with children’s newspapers. You could choose to listen to audio books and read some of the books in Hindi and Telugu. We hope you enjoy reading the books in our online library.

Don Bosco School’s Reading Program

Dear Students, Send  in your Book Reviews   throughout the year. The Best Readers from each class will receive a Certificate of Achievement and a Medal at the end of the Academic Year.  Enjoy Reading!

To Submit Book Reviews

Class 6-10 : Book Review Microsoft Form – use your school email id to log in. Class 3 -5 can use this Google Form or Microsoft Form or download the form below and email the response to office@donboscobandlaguda.org .

Newspapers, Children’s Magazines and Encyclopedias

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Outlook Traveller August 2020

Bosco Musings: Don Bosco School’s E-Magazine

Vol 1 Issue 3
31st January 2021
Vol 1 Issue 2
15th August 2020
Vol 1 Issue 1
March 2020

CBSE Resources

Artificial Intelligence Projects

AI Student Community

Machine Learning

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About the Coronavirus

Why We Stay Home – Suzie Learns About Coronavirus by Harris, Scott and Rodis – Read Aloud
Staying Home A Story Book For Children

Annual Haircut Day – Once Again You can read the book in Hindi too- Hilarious story about the Coronavirus Lock Down.

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Science, Social Studies & Discovery


Solving Real World Problems / The Science Behind Simple Everyday Things

Storybooks Pre-Primary

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Storybooks Class 1 to 5

Ten Magic Butterflies by Danica McKellar Read Along – Learn Math
Plant the Tiny Seed Read aloud
The Very Hungry Caterpillar Read Aloud – Learn Days of the Week

Storybooks Level 1 in English, Hindi & Telugu

Story Time From Space

Story Time from Space is a project of the Global Space Education Foundation in association with NASA where Astronauts read story books from space. Please check out these great story books along with an amazing view of space:

The Incredible Intergalactic Journey Home Read from Space.
Luciana: Braving the Deep
Read by NASA astronaut Serena Auñón-Chancellor from Space.
Max Goes to the Moon
The Explorers Club Read by Astronaut David
Hey-Ho to Mars We’ll Go!
Read by Astronaut Christina Koch from Space!
Next Time You see a Sunset
Max Goes to Jupiter read by astronaut Mike Hopkins from Space
Max Goes to the Space Station
If I Were An Astronaut
Read aloud from the International Space Station
Notable Notebooks Scientists and Their Writings Read from Space.
A Moon Of My Own
Max Goes to Mars
Endeavour’s Long Journey
Written by an astronaut and Read by an astronaut in space.

Storybooks: Moral & Values

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Fairy Tales, Fables and Folk Tales Class 1 – 5

Dr. Seuss

Read these Storybooks in different languages Class 3 – 5

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Read Storybooks in different languages Class 6- 10

Storybooks: Voices of Future Generations

International Children’s Book Series Class 6 -10

Jona David (13 years old) is an award-winning UN Child Author. When he was told he had dyslexia at 7, he was determined to overcome it by memorising the 8,000 most common words in English, then wrote his first story, The Epic Eco-Inventions, to prove he’d managed.

Storybooks: Environmental

The Voice of An Island by Lupe Vaai is written by a 12 year old based on a true story about a girl and her school’s Green Team working to protect the environment of her island.

A Path to Life
Seeds of Change  the life of Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize winner and environmentalist Wangari Maathai
The Promise by Nicola Davies
The Tree of Hope
The Species-Saving Time Team
The Extraordinary Adventures of Tola, Pola & Rascal

Christmas Special

Read Online
Read Aloud in Hindi Read Online in Hindi

Read Online
Read Aloud in Hindi Read Online in Hindi

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Classics for Class 8 -10

Short Stories

Recommended Reading Class 8 -10

William Shakespeare

Read Shakespeare’s plays along with simple translations and study notes.

Poetry: Classics to Contemporary


Exercises In Peace Education


Art Integrated Learning

Pedagogy of Languages

Integration of ICT in Teaching, Learning And Assessment

Additional Web Links and Resources

Project Gutenberg is a library of over 60,000 free eBooks