February 5, 2022: Dance Performance by students for the Installation Ceremony of Rev. Fr. Thomas Santiagu as the New Provincial.

Children’s Day Celebration 2020

Fruit Activity by Class 1


Kevin Cyril Kumar Zangala of Class IX Lotus with some of his sketches.

Kevin Cyril Kumar, Class 9 L

Kevin likes to sketch drawings of different Pokémon Characters during his free time.

I am Jhansi of Class IX. I am very glad to share my experiences and the adventurous journey of my schooling. I joined this school in the year 2010 when I was in the first grade. I am very privileged to be a member of a Don Bosco Institution. My first teachers were Annamary teacher and Union teacher. We only had LKG and 1st Classes. These teachers really worked hard and taught us many activities. My teachers got me involved in a new way of learning and helped me move on the right path.

Our first Principal was Rev. Fr. Pondicherry Joseph. My second Principal was Rev. Fr. Suresh who gave us freedom and provided us with lot many things in the past years. He was friendly and shared his knowledge with us and helped us experience new things. I am glad to have you Father as our Principal. Thank you for being with us and encouraging us in many ways. I am very thankful for your presence Father.

I believe that I have chosen the right school and I am very happy to be in this wonderful school. This school has taught me a lot of things from the beginning to the end. Finally, I conclude my words saying, “Memories are forever. Don’t leave them as they are part of our life.”

Jhansi Manchanpally

Class 9

Secrets of My Village

My Dear Teachers and Friends,

This is my village where the main occupation is agriculture.




I am proud to say that I am from an agricultural background. My grandparents and my uncle and aunt are all involved in agriculture work. Rice, Cotton, Peas, Vegetables, Corn, Peanuts, Red and Green chili and other few major crops are grown. Crop rotation and inter cropping are methods used while sowing the crop.

In our village canals are built likewise where each and every one are able to get water to the crop.

I love my family. I feel family gives a sense of happiness and mental and physical relaxation. You can build up your family relationships when you’re away from cities.

It is a saying that urban people go to villages for their mental relaxation. I feel great when I am in my village so it is true according to me. I feel proud to say I am an Indian from the agriculture sector. 

I am quite happy to share my experiences with you guys.

Friends I have shared my village secrets with you, so I would also like to see the documentation or you can share( tell in the class)your experiences or views  on  your village ,family , farming  of your village .

I am excited to hear about your village secrets too my friends.







By – K. Lohitha Reddy
Class IX


We, the students of DON BOSCO SCHOOL [Bandlaguda Jagir] are very fortunate to study in a school which provides us with an integrated education. We have a proficient and brilliant Principal, Vice Principals and Teachers who are always willing to provide us opportunities and are always there for us in challenging situations. As a result, we have had successful results in the past years.

 To improve our understanding we have a

  • Variety of laboratories like Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics and Language lab
  • A magnificent library
  • Sophisticated Computer lab
  • Smart boards in every classroom to provide a realistic experience

We are not only well versed in education, but also well versed in physical culture. We are blessed with energetic physical education teachers. If we are interested in playing the game well they are ready to take us to any inter school, state, national or international competition.

We have different activities like

  • Cricket, Football, Volleyball, Athletics, Badminton and so on…
  • Chess, Carom, Table Tennis so on…
  • Dance
  • Yoga
  • Karate


As students we have attended and won many local and state level tournaments. In 2017 to 2018, 1351 students won 569 gold medals, 326 silver medals, and 456 bronze medals, in tournaments at the interschool, state, national and international level.


We progressed level by level to finally attend the WKF [WORLD KARATE FEDERATION] CHAMPIONSHIP AND CAMP 2018 which was held in Umag, Croatia from 1st July 2018 to 8thJuly 2018.

We began our journey of karate by attending our first local tournament in Banjara Hills. We worked hard to reach the national level tournament. Only 8 students got the opportunity to attend and win medals at the national level tournament which was held at Vishakhapatnam : 2 gold medals, 3 silver medals and 3 bronze medals.

 The other national level tournament we attended was held in Delhi. 5 students participated in this tournament and won 1 gold medal, 3 silver medals, and 1 bronze medal. We were very happy to win medals in our country.

When we were informed that we were selected for the international level tournament, our sir (Karate teacher) started a hard training schedule for us. We attended international level tournaments in Vishakhapatnam. 8 students participated and won 1 gold medal, 2 silver medals, and 5 bronze medals. We represented our country and won. It was really a great victory for us.

Another international tournament we attended was held in Nepal. Like the preparation for Vishakhapatnam we worked hard. 8 students attended and won 1 gold medal, 5 silver medal,    and 2 bronze medal. This was for the first time that we represented our country in another country. We all thanked our sir for his effort behind our success.

Then later we got an opportunity to participate in WKF [WORLD KARATE FEDERATION] CHAMPIONSHIP AND CAMP 2018 which was held in Umag, Croatia. We were tense but a bit excited too. We had classes in the morning and evening for more than 7 hours per day.

Around 102 countries participated in this championship. The first four days we had training camps by WORLD CHAMPIONS. We received training from LUCA VALDESI. Luca Valdesi is widely regarded as one of the greatest tournament kata competitors. He is a 22-time European Champion and 6-time World Champion in individual and team kata. His performances are characterized by his strength and rhythm.



After the training camp, we had the tournament on the last four days. Unfortunately, not even one among us was able to secure a medal. We tried our level best to work hard as well as win a medal but we couldn’t.

Each and every movement, kick, block was so stiff and clear. I really liked some of our competitors’ performances and wanted to know their practice timing. So I asked one of the Italian players. She said, “We practiced for this world championship for more than 3 years”. She also said that they attended school only till 2 pm and no homework was given instead they were given a week to submit subject project work. I was really surprised to hear this. Here we work very hard for homework, projects, exams etc but the other participants did not have any additional stress like this. Obviously the result of practicing for 5 months and 3 years will differ. So from that moment I decided to work harder.

 I really learned many good things from this experience. I, just being 13 years, went to another continent without my parents, only with my coach. I travelled to Europe. I got to know my braveness and daringness. In the tournament, I saw people from many countries coming and performing. I got to know where I stood before them and understood how much I should work hard to improve my performance. I really want to win gold medal in WKF and bring a good name for my country. I want to make my parents and my coach and my school proud of me. I’m sure that I will maintain a good balance of both education and karate.                                                                              

We were upset about the results, but our coach gave us positive energy when he told us that this was our first experience, not to get upset about the results but rather think about how we can improve our performance. He reminded us that we had all tried our level best and even performed well even if we couldn’t achieve medals. He told us to move forward from this situation and wished us better luck next time. From then on we started working harder and wanted to win a medal in the next WKF.

– K. Lohitha Reddy 





G. Dheeraj Reddy




G. Nitish Goud



G. Harshika Reddy



K. Lohitha Reddy



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