History of Don Bosco Past Pupils Association

 It was on 24 June 1870, when a well-known story happened: Carlo Gastini and a group of the first past pupils of Valdocco went to visit Don Bosco to congratulate him on the day he celebrated his name day. They gave him gifts to thank him for the education and love received. It was on that occasion that Don Bosco first spoke to his boys as “Past Pupils”. From that first group arose and spread a movement today that is vast and present all over the world – Don Bosco Past Pupils Association.

Don Bosco School, Bandlaguda, was established in 2010. Classes first began in the church hall with 60 students and 2 teachers while Bosco Block was ready in 2011 . Since then the school has grown exponentially to over 1200 students in 2021 to around 2000 students currently.

With the number of students graduating from Don Bosco School growing each year, we hope that our alumni can stay in touch through our Alumni Association.

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We wish our School Alumni the very best for their future.

I am Anto Tom, a former student of Don Bosco School. I am currently pursuing my bachelor’s degree in Mechatronics and Robotics at Vilnius Tech University in Lithuania.

As a student, I have a challenging yet fulfilling schedule that includes studying, working part-time, and staying active through gym or sports. By juggling these responsibilities, I am not only gaining knowledge in my field, but also developing valuable skills such as time management, prioritization, and teamwork.

My education is shaping my future as an engineer, while my part-time job is providing me with real-world experience and financial independence. And by staying active through sports or the gym, I am keeping my body and mind healthy and energized. With this well-rounded schedule, I am able to pursue my passions and make the most of every moment.

Fr. John Lens Award for Academic Excellence