“You must be the CHANGE you want to see in the WORLD” [Gandhi]

 “The children TODAY are LEADERS TOMORROW.” They must become the change the world is looking for: Leaders with Values and Principles. If so let’s look at some of those within our country and in the world with leadership today. It is fascinating to know that they make a unique contribution to the world around them and an inspiration to us, their contemporaries. Many of them have become legends in their own lifetime. How about you? Leadership is one of the most important traits for success in any walk of life. Great leaders transform people, business enterprises and nations. They shape history. What are some qualities great people of our own times leave for us to imitate and emulate. Please take a look below at some leaders known to us and the inspiration they leave behind them for us.

“VISION [Abdul Kalam], INTEGRITY [Manmohan Singh], CHARISMA [Barack Obama], TRUST [Nelson Mandela], SELFLESSNESS [Dalai Lama], FAIRPLAY [Ratan Tata], HUMILITY [Narayana Muurthy] MAGNANIMITY [Warren Buffet], COMPASSION [Mother Theresa], ENDURANCE [Lance Armstrong], IMAGINATION [JK Rowling], CONSISTENCY [Lata Mageshkar], EMPATHY [Red Cross], PATH BREAKER Stephen Hawking], FORESIGHT [Bill Gates], THINKER [Amartya Sen], INNOVATION [Steve Jobs], COMMUNICATOR Amitabh Bachchan], PROACTIVE [Pope Francis], PERFECTIONISM [Steven Spielberg], CREATIVITY [AR Rahman], DEDICATION [Sachin Tendulkar], ENTHUSIASM Zakir Hussein], DETERMINATION [Verghese Kurien], THINK ON YOUR FEET [V. Anand], ENTERPRISING [Amir Khan], FOCUS [Michael Jordan], EFFICIENCY [Dabbawalas], COURAGE The Indian Soldier], PREPARATION Election Commission of India], EFFECTIVENESS [Michael Phelps], OPTIMISM [India Cricket Fan], TEAM WORK [Cricket/Football Team], PERSEVERENCE [Michael Schumacher], CONFIDENCE Mohammad Ali], COURESY [Air India Maharajah], WIT [R. K. Laxman], INITIATIVE [Sam Pitroda], GRACE [Pele],
CHALLENGING ONESELF [Sergei Bubka], PROBLEM SOLVING [M.S. Swaminathan], APPLYING THOUGHT [Azim Premji], HUMAN TOUCH [Oprah Winfrey], TEMPERAMENT [Roger Federer], PASSION [Leander Paes], IMPARTIALITY [The Match Referee], MOTIVATION [ChakDe!India] and others…….”

Don Bosco, the patron of our Alma Mater has been a great leader/ legend who not only transformed lives of young people; he made many of them great leaders and legends in their own life time. He made those around him great and beautiful people. Many of those who passed through his hands then and many who pass through the institutions bearing his name today continue the miracle of excellence and make a mark in their lifetime. How about you, the students of Don Bosco School, Bandlaguda? We wish that every one of you who enter the portals of this esteemed institution will blaze the path and become great leaders and become legends in your own lifetime! The management and the staff team up with your parents to synergize our energy and efforts making this happen for you.
Wishing you a wonderful academic year [2016-17] and May God bless you.